Buying and Selling

Petopia has its own native marketplace for buying and selling; before making a purchase, make sure you're on the official link:


There are two ways of selling inside the Petopia marketplace, these are:

  • Buy Now

    • The Buy Now method is your typical marketplace sale. Simply list your NFT for the price you wish to sell it for, if someone is willing to pay the price you listed it for, the transaction will proceed and you will sell your NFT.

  • Auction

    • The second method that we have introduced is an Auction. With this, you are able to simply place your NFT up for Auction with a reserve price. Once it hits the market, users are able to place bids on your NFT. If the reserve price is met, the Auction will continue until the timer ends. If the reserve price is not met, the auction will be considered void.


If you wish to buy an NFT, you need to ensure you have the requested currency of the seller (e.g ETH on the Ethereum), then simply click "Buy". From here, Mirai Wallet or other associated wallets will display a pop-up to confirm the transaction, once approved your purchase is complete.


The Petopia marketplace has a 10% seller fee on every transaction. This fee is the same no matter which currency you use to sell your Petopia Heroes and other NFTs.

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