Petopia Marketplace Tour

Welcome to the Petopia Marketplace, your platform for buying, selling, and managing NFT heroes! Follow this tour and we’ll get you into the NFT groove in no time!

Marketplace Tour:

1. Homepage: Explore a wide selection of heroes listed for sale on the homepage.

2. Use Filters: Specify your searches using various filtering options available.

3. Overview Tab: Get insights into total sales, volume, heroes sold, and recent listings and sales. (Will be available soon)

4. View Hero Details: Click on any NFT to see details, pricing, and sale history.

5. Manage Assets: Access "My Assets" to manage the NFTs you own.

6. Asset Management: From "My Assets," you can send NFTs to the game, transfer them, or list them for sale.

7. Review History: Review asset prices, auction details, bids, and your sale history under the "History" tab. (Will be available soon)

We're glad you explored the Petopia Marketplace with us! Now you're fully equipped to buy, sell, manage your NFTs on our platform. Explore and do more not just in-game, but also on-chain with Petopia NFTs!

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