NFT Heroes

Everything you need to know about Petopia NFT Heroes is right here in this writing! Discover all the crucial details, such as an overview, their reveal, in-game benefits, token rewards, renting, and so much more.

What is an NFT Hero?

An NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is a unique digital asset stored on a blockchain. In the Petopia and Mirai ecosystem, an NFT Hero brings utility to players through various means.

But first, let's talk about NFTs. NFTs promote true ownership, as their supply is scarce and cannot be replicated. Once integrated into games, they’re valuable to players through:

  • Scarcity

  • Speculative Asset

  • Rewards

  • Supporting a player-driven economy through trading

  • Decentralization and Transparency

And many more! This is a significant step up from traditional gaming, where no one really 'owns' assets they have unlocked or purchased in-game.

Petopia NFTs can be traded, used in-game, and provide on-chain rewards like airdrops and Peto Points. They can also grant access to future events and NFT communities. With limitless possibilities, we're committed to continually adding value to our holders as we continue developing Petopia.

How can I get an NFT Hero?

Petopia NFT heroes were initially available through a pre-sale, but if you missed out, don't worry. You can now purchase the Artifact Collection and Heroes Collection on OpenSea. And soon from our native marketplace.

Please be cautious of replicas or fake links circulating online. Stay vigilant about the links you click and the marketplace you use.

Official links will be posted on all our socials once the marketplace is live.

NFT Heroes Overview

  • Hero NFTs are acquired through Petopia's NFT pre-sales.

  • There are two types of collections: Artifact and Regular NFT.

  • The total supply of Artifact NFT Heroes is 50.

  • The total supply of Regular NFT Heroes is 3,333.

  • There are currently 5 hero types: Fire Fox, Buck, Bufeno, Ly, and Luna.

  • With 4 different rarities: S, SS, SSR, SSR+ (in increasing rarity order).

Benefits of owning NFT Hero:

  1. Unlockable elite skills in-game:

    • Your NFT heroes aren't just for show—they bring unique passive skills to the table. Here's the scoop: the strength of these skills depends on how rare the traits of your hero are, ranging from common to the most rarest: S, SS, SSR, SSR+. The higher the rarity of your hero, the stronger the increased stats bonuses you'll enjoy. Non-NFT heroes just don't have access to these passive skills and skill line bonuses, so having an NFT hero really sets you apart in the game!

  2. Rentable NFTs:

    • Owners and Renters can rent NFTs through the Marketplace or your Guild. If you're a Hero Owner, you can send rental offers directly to guild members. You also get to decide how rewards are shared, and you can adjust the minimum rate to make sure everyone's treated fairly. Non-NFT heroes don't have this—only NFT heroes like yours can be rented out, giving you an extra edge in the gaming world!

  3. Play-to-Airdrop rewards:

    • Earn rewards by playing the game and completing specific actions, which will be converted into airdrops. Your $PET token will be determined by your ranking on the Play-to-airdrop leaderboard, so be ready for the competition!

  4. Guaranteed token airdrops for NFT holders:

    • In addition to Play-to-Airdrop, you will also receive guaranteed $PET token airdrops by holding your NFTs.

  5. Exclusive access to events:

    • NFT holders get priority access to special events.

  6. Mirai ecosystem benefits:

    • Explore additional perks within the Mirai ecosystem.

  7. Holders benefits:

    • Maximize your rewards by keeping your NFT Heroes unlisted. Selling them will eliminate your Peto Points.

Benefits of owning multiple Hero NFTs:

  1. Event Participation:

    • Owners of multiple NFTs gain strategic advantages in events. For instance, specific hero types may be required for daily events, such as the Peto Race, where only heroes like Buck can participate. Owning a diverse range of heroes enables participation in a wider array of events, maximizing potential rewards.

    • Consideration is being given to rewarding users who utilize their NFTs to participate in daily events. This may involve a percentage of revenue or PET token allocation from Tokenmetric, incentivizing active participation and fostering a thriving ecosystem. Alternatively, users may opt to rent out their NFTs to share in the resulting profits.

  2. Renting:

    • Renting out NFTs presents opportunities for profit-sharing. Owners can earn rewards in various forms, such as Points from Play To Airdrop, when leasing their heroes to others.

    • Additionally, profits can be shared accordingly if the NFT renter choose to participate as "Competitor" in Arena, giving them the chance to compete for token rewards.

    • Moreover, owners can reap rewards from event participation, as outlined in section 1.

  3. Staking:

    • Owning multiple NFTs enhances the potential rewards from staking activities. As more NFTs are staked, owners can accumulate more points, further boosting their earnings during staking events.

Please note that these benefits may vary over time as we refine our offerings.

Rarity Distribution:

  • S: 1508

  • SS: 995

  • SSR: 665

  • SSR+: 165

Total Regular NFT Heroes Supply: 3,333. Meanwhile, 50 Artifact NFTs are SSR+.

Unveiling NFT Heroes In-Game

If the game login wallet (Mirai App) contains an NFT, players will receive the corresponding NFT hero in-game. This hero can be played, upgraded, equipped much like regular heroes. Once revealed in-game, the following details will be displayed.

  • Hero ID

  • Hero Class

  • Hero Avatar

  • Hero Rarity

  1. Hero Model:

NFT Heroes will have different models and avatars compared to non-NFT heroes.

  1. Hero Stats:




  • Base Stats equal to regular Hero.

  • 1 line of Bonus stats.

  • 1 Passive skill


  • Base Stats equal to regular Hero.

  • 2 lines of Bonus stats.

  • 1 Passive skill


  • Base Stats equal to regular Hero.

  • 3 lines of Bonus stats.

  • 1 Passive skill


  • Base Stats equal to regular Hero.

  • 4 lines of Bonus stats.

  • 1 Passive skill

The stats of the Hero NFTs will vary based on the Hero's Rarity, with higher Rarity resulting in increased bonuses

  1. Hero Passive Skill:

The passive skill acquired by an NFT Hero will be a passive skill, requiring Condition [A] to activate Effect [B].

As an example, "Recover 30% HP based on damage caused."

The strength of passive skills will be determined by the hero's rarity, with higher rarity resulting in a stronger percentage buff.

Note that Heroes of different rarities can possess the same passive skill.

  1. NFT Hero Exclusive Weapons

Hero NFTs come with their own exclusive weapons, each with unique benefits to strengthen them.


Pre-Revealed NFTs can be acquired from the previously completed Pre-Sales or you can now purchase the Artifact Collection and Heroes Collection on OpenSea. These NFTs can be freely traded (exchanged, bought, sold) on the secondary marketplace.

Once our native marketplace is live, owners can list their NFT Heroes for sale, and all its specifications will be displayed. Here's an example of the details to be found:

  • Hero Name: Fox

  • Avatar Hero: [Image]

  • ID Hero: #0123


  • Bonus Stats: +10% HP, +20% ATK

  • Passive Skill: Increases ATK by [X]% when health drops to 30%

  • Current Price (ETH): 1

The ID, stats, and passive skill can vary for each NFT.


Renting presents a way for owners of spare Hero NFTs to support promising and competitive players, maximizing gains for both parties.

  1. The NFT Owner sends an offer to the potential NFT Renter, who then reviews and accepts the conditions.

  2. The NFT Renter starts playing the game with NFT Hero benefits, and rewards are shared based on agreed profit share conditions.

Renting can happen through the Renting Marketplace or via direct offers from NFT Owners to guild members. Owners set the reward sharing ratio, ensuring fairness for both parties. For example, with a 50/50 split and 100 points earned by the NFT Hero, each party receives 50 points, with the minimum rate adjustable for fairness.

For more information regarding our Renting feature and guide, check out this NFT Renting writing.

Token Rewards:

As a holder of Petopia's Hero NFT, you’re given massive rewards in $PET tokens! The more NFTs you own, the more points you accumulate. Artifact NFTs come with an even larger airdrop.

  • Guaranteed $PET Airdrop for holders

  • Play-to-Airdrop bonus points

Read our Play-to-Airdrop writing to know more about your privileges when farming points for $PET with the NFT Hero!

The only known sources available for $PET tokens are:

  • Arena (Game Mode)

  • In-game Events

  • Staking (TBA)

  • Airdrops

$PET Token will be used for:

  • Hero NFTs: Upgrade & Exclusive Skins

  • Pet NFTs: In-game Gacha & Upgrade

  • Arena play: Ticket & Buff Items

Please note, these details may evolve over time as we continue to develop Petopia and its features. More details regarding Token Utility will be found in this $PET Utility writing.


Level up your NFT heroes just like regular in-game heroes to enhance their strength and your performance in game runs!

  • NFT Hero upgrades will have a 100% success rate.

  • You can equip non-NFT weapons and equipment.

  • In future we will release equipment and weapons for NFT heroes.

  • Costs for upgrading and unlocking level limits differ from regular heroes.

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