Monster Defeat Guide

Face off against other players in Monster Defeat. Showcase your tenacity and tactical brilliance, defeat monsters, score higher, and rank on the leaderboard to claim trophies and items.

Mechanics and Objective

There will be 10 players in 1 group, all seeking to defeat the most of a specific monster within a certain time limit and map. The monsters to defeat have to be the one indicated to count.

For example:

  • "Jungle Defeat Event" will count the number of "Melon" monsters defeated.

  • "Desert Defeat" will count the number of "Cactus" defeated.

Against other players, defeat more of the specific monster on the map. Ranks will be determined by the number of monsters successfully hunted by the player within the time limit.

You will receive different trophies and items based on your rank in the group.

Rewards & Trophies:

Rank 1: 10 Trophies Rank 2: 6 Trophies Rank 3: 4 Trophies Rank 4-5: 2 Trophies Rank 6-10: 1 Trophies

Note: During the test event you'll be rewarded in-game rewards only. No trophy rewards.

Game Guide

1. From the Homepage, tap on [Monster Defeat].

2. Choose an event and tap [Join].

3. After joining, tap [Open Leaderboard] to view your competitors.

4. Navigate to [Campaign] or [Adventure] to hunt your assigned monster.

5. Hunt, rank up, and top the leaderboard for victory. Your progress will be shown on screen!

6. Once victorious, return to the leaderboard to see if you've ranked high enough to claim a reward!

In Monster Defeat, the most skilled hunters emerge victorious. Bring yourself and your guild to new heights by defeating more than your competitors. How many of these vicious monsters can you chase down? Play now!

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