Move NFTs (Metamask/Mirai Wallet)

In this guide, we'll show you how to import and transfer your Hero NFT from both Metamask and Mirai Wallet for easy transfers!

Follow these steps closely.

Proceed with these steps first:

1. Go to Etherscan and search your wallet address.

2. Click on [NFT Transfers] in your wallet.

3. Click on the NFT you want to transfer. In this example, [Fox #1].

4. Copy the [Token ID] of the selected NFT.

Importing your NFT to view, then send:

To send, we're going to have to import the asset.

To do this, start with whichever holds your NFT first (Metamask or Mirai Wallet).


1. Open MetaMask (Ethereum Network) and go to NFTs.

6. Scroll down and click on [Import NFT] and enter:

  • Contract Address: 0x38B4852C43fEDe65B08A7B7E9495900990598251

  • Token ID: [Token ID of your NFT]

  • Click on Import.

Now that it's imported, you can send your NFTs to another Metamask Wallet or Mirai Wallet!

Copy your Mirai Wallet address and send it there if you want to transfer from Metamask to Mirai Wallet.

Mirai Wallet:

1. In the Mirai App, tap the Wallet Icon, Collectibles, then [Manage Collectibles].

2. Tap on [Add Collectible] to start importing.

3. Enter the same Contract Address & Token ID, and Add Collectible.

  • Network: Ethereum

  • Address: 0x38B4852C43fEDe65B08A7B7E9495900990598251

  • ID: [Token ID of your NFT]

Now that it's imported, you can view and send your NFTs to another Mirai Wallet or Metamask Wallet!

Awesome! Now it's time for you to decide what you want to do with your newly transferred NFT in the Mirai Wallet! We can't wait to see how our players handle their assets.

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