NFT Hero Renting

If you're looking to rent out your NFT Hero or planning to take advantage of the NFT Hero benefits but have yet to acquire one, you've stumbled into the right spot.

Today, we're talking about the NFTs renting feature, a solution for players with extra assets or time to play to maximize their returns and share rewards along the way.

NFT Hero Rentals:

Exploring NFTs and this rental sharing feature introduces a new way for players with spare Hero NFTs to support promising and competitive players, maximizing gains for both parties involved!

The process to renting is simple:

  1. The NFT Owner sends an offer to the potential Hero Renter.

  2. The NFT Renter reviews the conditions provided by the Hero Owner and accepts.

  3. The NFT Renter starts playing the game with NFT Hero benefits.

  4. Rewards are then shared by Owner & Renter, depending on the accepted conditions.

If you have an NFT you wish to rent, as a NFT Owner or a potential NFT Renter, you can do so by going to the Renting Marketplace or through your Guild.

Do keep in mind that the NFT Owner will choose the reward sharing ratio. Renters should review details carefully before accepting any offer.

If the accepted ratio was 50/50, during the rental period, if the NFT Hero earns 100 points, the lessor and the renter will receive 50 points.

This rate will have a maximum and minimum that will be adjusted accordingly to keep the renting fair for both parties.

Rental Rules:

  • Canceling Rentals: Tenants/lessors can cancel rentals after they've been initiated. The minimum time to cancel renting operations between parties is 1 hour to prevent spam.

  • Sending Offers: Players can send offers to multiple users, they can also cancel their offers. When an offer is accepted, the remaining offers will automatically cancel.

  • Profit Display: The displayed profit percentage on the hero card always reflects the viewer's profit, whether guest or host.

  • Hero Availability: Heroes active on the market (rented, offered, listed) cannot be used in gameplay.

  • Offer Restrictions: The current limit of heroes that can be rented is 1 per user. Users cannot send offers to those who are already renting.

  • Guild Offers: Users can directly send offers to rent to 1 member from their guild.

Rental Guide:

Hero Owners:

As a Hero Owner, you will have to set up the following information when putting your NFT Hero up for rent.

  • Rental Duration: 1, 7, 14, 28 days

  • Profit-Sharing Ratio: Percentage of profit for owners and renters.

  • Direct Rental: Post information on the Market or send offers directly to individuals.

  • Send Offer: Enter the recipient's Mirai ID to send a rental offer directly to them, instead of posting it on the Market.

Note that there is a listing time expiration:

  • Public Market: 7 days

  • Direct Offer: 1 day


  1. The [Market] will contain heroes for Rent:

  1. [Renting] will show heroes that are currently Rented.

  1. [Lease] will contain heroes you have for rent, being rented, and offers.

We're confident you've learned more about Petopia's unique NFT Hero Renting feature. Take advantage of this innovation within our platform and reap the rewards!

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