Purchase Gems with Mirai App

Want to score some extra gems and boost your Petopia game? No worries, I got your back. Let's walk through the simple steps on purchasing gems with Mirai app for that sweet 20% bonus.

  1. Open the Petopia app and navigate to the homepage. Tap on the [Shop] icon.

  1. In the gem pack section, select "Purchase with Mirai App." You'll be redirected to view the Petopia packs available.

  1. Explore the choices and tap on the gem pack you want to buy. You'll see the total amount of gems you'll receive, including the awesome 20% bonus.

  1. Once you've made your selection, tap "Buy Now." Confirm when you're ready.

Keep in mind that the gems will be credited to the game account associated with the Mirai ID in use. Ensure your Mirai ID is the same in both the game and Mirai app. Refunds can't be processed for incorrect wallets.

  1. Congratulations! Your purchase is successful. You can now head back to enjoy more Petopia adventures or return to the marketplace if you're up for grabbing more gems. Happy gaming!

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