Guild Tournament Season 1 - The Clash

Get ready for the first season of Guild Tournaments in Petopia! A whopping $50,000 USD in ETH waiting for the mightiest guilds out there, now is the perfect time to create or join a guild and embark on a thrilling quest to earn trophies.

The path to the Guild Leaderboard winds through tournament activities, essentially sub-game modes, where Guild Trophies are earned. Each trophy adds a chapter to your guild's unfolding adventure.

Guild Tournament Activities:

  1. Peto Race: Compete in a time-based race to finish 10 levels as swiftly as possible.

  2. Guild Boss: Contribute as much damage as you can against a formidable foe.

  3. Monster Defeat: Hunt down specific monsters to score points.

  4. Survival: Stay alive the longest against countless enemies and bosses.

  5. World Boss: Take down a catastrophe-level threat together with everyone.

In each of these sub-game modes, there are separate leaderboards. Players get ranked according to the number of Guild Trophies they earn.

Guild Season Rules & Mechanics:

  1. Guild Season lasts for 30 days, where guilds face off against each other.

  2. Trophies are gained by participating in guild activities throughout the season.

  3. The top 5 guilds on the leaderboard share the grand prize pool.

  4. Guild Trophies reset when each season ends.

  5. Rewards for every season come from 10% of Petopia's total on-chain revenue.

Rewards Distribution:

  • Rank 1: 5%

  • Rank 2: 3%

  • Rank 3: 1%

  • Rank 4 & 5: 0.5% each

For the first Guild Season, Mirai Labs is offering a grand prize of $50,000 USD worth of ETH to the top 5 guilds. The rewards for the next Guild Seasons will be based on:

  1. Total revenue of the Petopia game.

  2. External partnerships

  3. Mirai Labs bonus contribution

Share your triumphs with your guildmates. Put in the work, stay on top, and earn the rewards you deserve.

Guild Level, Donate, and Quest

Embark on an exciting journey of growth as Petopia introduces its Guild Level system. The guild evolution unfolds across five distinct levels, each bringing new opportunities and challenges:

  • Start your guild journey at Level 1. No trophies or gems requirements, you can begin with 10 guild seats. Dive into the adventure with three quests, and each guild seat owner gets one Boss Ticket.

  • Level up to Level 2 if your guild has 200 Trophies & 200 Gems. That makes your guild seats expand from 10 to 20. Continue the journey with three quests, and each seat owner gets one Boss Ticket.

  • Advance further to Level 3, requiring 400 Trophies & 400 Gems. Unlock more seats, going from 20 to 30. Take on four quests, and each guild seat owner enjoys two Boss Tickets.

  • Climb higher to Level 4, requiring 600 Trophies & 600 Gems. Now accommodating 40 guild seats, face four quests, and each seat owner receives two Boss Tickets.

  • Reach Level 5, where 1,000 Trophies & 1,000 Gems elevate your guild to 50 available seats. Face five quests, and each guild seat owner has three Boss Tickets.

Boost Your Guild's Power

Collaboration is key! As a guild member, contribute to your guild's growth through the Donate and Quests features.

Guild Donate

Donate 1,000 Gold: Your guild gains 1 Trophy for every 1,000 Gold contributed.

Donate 20 Gems: Contribute 20 Gems, and watch your guild's Trophy count rise by 1.

Daily Limit: Each guild member can make a positive impact with a daily limit of 10 donations. So, make those contributions count!

Guild Quests

Level 1-2: Embark on your guild journey with 3 thrilling quests.

Level 3-4: Level up and face the adventure with 4 available quests.

Level 5: Reach the pinnacle with 5 challenging quests to conquer.

Guild Boss - Available D1 of S1

Engage in fights against colossal Guild Bosses in Petopia, where you team up with guildmates to take down one formidable foe. Share rewards, gather trophies, and climb your guild leaderboard!

Guild Boss Mechanics:

  • Ranking on the guild leaderboard is determined by the damage contributed.

  • Unlock certain bosses with higher guild levels for a harder challenge with better rewards.

Example of Damage Contribution & Rewards:

If Melon Boss has 1 million HP and you deal 300,000 damage (30% HP), you will receive 30% of the total trophies from the boss, which is 30.

Note that within your guild, contributing the most trophies at the end of the season will yield special in-game rewards like equipment and resources.

These bosses won’t go down without a fight! Refine your skills, strategize, and upgrade to maximize damage contribution. Your guild needs you! Take part in your guild's success, defeat the Guild Boss, and let the rewards come to you.

Peto Race

Ready to put your speedrunning skills to the test? Try to claim victory in the Peto Race. Compete against nine others and earn rewards for yourself and your guild.


There will be 10 players in 1 group, clearing 10 floors of the Peto Race map as fast as they can.

You have 50 attempts within 6 hours to improve your time, with your 10 player match up.

The goal is to clear 10 floors within the fastest time during a 2 hour window.

You need to pass all 10 floors in order to receive rewards.

You will receive different trophies and items based on your rank in the group.

Trophy Rewards:

  • Rank 1: 10 Trophies

  • Rank 2: 6 Trophies

  • Rank 3: 4 Trophies

  • Rank 4-5: 2 Trophies

  • Rank 6-10: 1 Trophies

Challenge yourself to conquer the Peto Race and refine your gameplay for even better runs! Will you be the one to rank first? See you at the finish line!

Monster Defeat - Available Mid S1

Face off against other players in Monster Defeat. Showcase your tenacity and tactical brilliance, defeat monsters, score higher, and rank on the leaderboard to claim trophies and items.


There will be 10 players in 1 group, all seeking to defeat the most of a specific monster within a certain time limit and map. Note: The monsters to defeat have to be the one indicated to count.

Objective: Against other players, defeat more of the specific monster on the map. Ranks will be determined by the number of monsters successfully hunted by the player within the time limit.

Jungle Defeat - Jungle Map Monsters

  • Canon Orange

  • Gunner Lemon

  • Vam Watermelon

  • Bite Watermelon

Jungle Defeat - Desert Map

  • Cactus

  • Shooting Cactus

  • Rolling Cactus

  • Suicide Cactus

Jungle Defeat - Pumpkin Map

  • Pumme

You will receive different trophies and items based on your rank in the group.

Trophy Rewards:

  • Rank 1: 10 Trophies

  • Rank 2: 6 Trophies

  • Rank 3: 4 Trophies

  • Rank 4-5: 2 Trophies

  • Rank 6-10: 1 Trophies

In Monster Defeat, the most skilled hunters emerge victorious. Bring yourself and your guild to new heights by defeating more than your competitors. How many of these vicious monsters can you chase down? Play now!

Survival - Available Mid S1

Push past your limits and survive as long as possible against an endless horde of monsters. In this mode, you aim to stay alive and outlast your enemies. Do what you can to defeat various monsters and bosses to keep the clock running.


10 Players in 1 group, all with the same goal to not die. In a designated map, monsters and bosses will continuously appear until the player is defeated.

For this event, you can play up to 10 times per day.

Objective: Outlast all other opponents from the relentless spawning of monsters. Ranks are determined by how long a player has survived within the map.

Rewards & Trophies:

  • Rank 1: 10 Trophies

  • Rank 2: 6 Trophies

  • Rank 3: 4 Trophies

  • Rank 4-5: 2 Trophies

  • Rank 6-10: 1 Trophies

Your skill in surviving is directly connected to the rewards and trophies you gain! In survival, the level you’ve achieved and the rank you place against your opponents determines what resources, items, and trophies you get for your guild.

World Boss - Available Mid S1

A catastrophic threat appears, and the entire Petopia community must rally together to confront a World Boss! Welcoming all players and guilds to showcase their strength, rewards are waiting for those who contribute significantly to the monster’s defeat.


All players are invited to attack the World Boss.

Objective: Players are urged to inflict as much damage as possible in order to win against the enemy. Ranks are determined based on the damage contribution to the boss.


  • Individual Rank: Based on total damage inflicted as contribution to the defeat of the World Boss.

  • Guild Rank: Based on an accumulation of damage inflicted by all guild members determines the standing of the guild.


Victory against the World Boss yields plenty of rewards ranging from resources, equipment, and trophies for individuals and guilds. The higher your contributed damage, the more substantial the rewards will be. More details to be announced soon.

Petopians, it's time to shine! As Guild Tournament Season 1 unfolds, your epic journey begins. Ready your guild, conquer challenges, and claim victory. Join in now for a shot at glory – let the games commence!

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