Survival Guide

Push past your limits and survive as long as possible against an endless horde of monsters. In this mode, you aim to stay alive and outlast your enemies. Do what you can to defeat various monsters and bosses to keep the clock running.

Mechanics and Objective:

10 Players in 1 group, all with the same goal to to survive as long as possible.

In a designated map, monsters and bosses will continuously appear until the player is defeated.

For this event, you can play up to 20 times during a specific window.

Outlast all other opponents from the relentless spawning of monsters. Ranks are determined by how long a player has survived within the map.

You will receive different trophies and items based on your rank in the group.

Rewards & Trophies:

Rank 1: 10 Trophies Rank 2: 6 Trophies Rank 3: 4 Trophies Rank 4-5: 2 Trophies Rank 6-10: 1 Trophies Note: During the test event you'll be rewarded in-game rewards only. No trophy rewards.

Game Guide

1. On the homepage, tap [Survival Event].

2. You'll be greeted by the Survival Event banner, proceed with [Let's Go].

3. Access the leaderboard and competitors; tap [Play] to start.

4. Your goal is to stay alive, outlast your opponents survival time, and claim the top spot.

  1. After battle, receive survival time and a completion screen.

  1. Return to the Survival Event menu to check for your rank and rewards to claim!

Your skill in surviving is directly connected to the rewards and trophies you gain! In survival, the level you’ve achieved and the rank you place against your opponents determines what resources, items, and trophies you get for your guild.

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