Petopia Shards

Petopia's Guild System – the beating heart of our gaming community. It brings exclusive quests, epic battles, and thrilling tournaments to life.

But that's not all. Whether you're a Guild Master, Guild Member, or Guild Supporter, there's earning potential waiting for you. It's the convergence of gaming, competition, and opportunity.

Setting Up a Guild

For those passionate about becoming Guild Masters, setting up your guild is easy. To avoid bots, a small fee is required—simply tap the 'Create Guild' icon, brainstorm a catchy name, provide a short description reflecting your guild's essence, and select a suitable avatar.

Set the earnings percentage for your guild and set the amount for your guild seat. After that, click on 'Create Guild.' You'll then be redirected to the Mirai App for payment processing. Ensure that you have 0.0025 ETH to create a guild available on the Mirai Chain for a smooth transaction. That's it. Your guild creation should be complete. Note: Price of seat can be changed anytime. Guild earnings & guild name can be changed only twice in the first week of each season. You can change both at once or change either of the two twice.

As a Guild Master, you sell seats to the players, climb the ranks for more earnings, and attract supporters with tempting rewards. Guilds make money by trading seats and fractions, getting rewards in the game, and collecting a share from different fees. Imagine leading a guild not just for fun but also cultivating a revenue stream tied to your guild's success.

Joining a Guild

Find your guild! Thanks to the Guilds icon, joining is a breeze – just tap 'Buy Seat,' after confirming, you'll be automatically redirected to the Mirai App for payment processing. Ensure your Mirai Chain has an adequate 0.0005 ETH balance to successfully complete the purchase of your guild seat.

Keep in mind, you can only be a member of one guild at a time. But if you want to switch guilds, you need to sell your seats. Sell it for the price you want, and once it's sold, you're free to start your next guild adventure. If you’re in a rush, burn your seat and jump into the next, quick!

If you want to be a supporter of the guild that you like, just tap 'Buy Fraction’, tap ‘Confirm’ you’ll be redirected to the Mirai app to process the payment and enjoy the perks of being a Fractionalised owner! Ensure an adequate ETH balance on the Mirai Chain for a smooth transaction. The best part? You can spread your support across multiple guilds to maximize your potential upside! Talk about diversifying your gaming portfolio!

Guild Features

Setting up or joining a guild provides you access to multiple features that would otherwise be unavailable to others. Be sure to take advantage of these perks!

  • Guild Chat: Strategize in real-time with your guild members, coordinating every move for ultimate success.

  • Guild Boss: Collaborate as a team to conquer bosses, reaping valuable rewards that enhance the guild's strength.

  • Guild Quest: Face challenges together, earning rewards that contribute to the guild's prosperity.

  • Guild Leaderboard: Ascend the ranks and showcase your guild's prowess on the leaderboard, striving for the top spot.

  • Guild Rewards: Unlock a treasure trove of exclusive in-game perks, accessible only to guild members, amplifying the gaming experience.

  • Guild Progression: Climb through guild levels collectively, unlocking new features and achievements that mark your guild's growth.

  • Guild Economy: Dive into economic dynamics, generating revenue through trading seats and fractions, in-game rewards, and share from different fees. Strive for the top guild spot to maximize earnings from the leaderboard.

  • Guild Seats: The value of Guild Seats is determined by the decisions of the seat owner, influenced by how much they choose to sell them for.

  • Guild Fractions: Exploring the concept of the bonding curve, Guild Fraction prices follow a unique path. This often results in exponential price surges.

Guilds serve as the heartbeat of a lively gaming community, fostering social bonds, collaborative gameplay, and the celebration of shared victories. Whether leading or participating, the guild experience transcends individual achievements, cultivating a profound sense of camaraderie and accomplishment.

Embark on your gaming journey by exploring existing guilds or taking the leap to create your own. Beyond the virtual perks, guilds provide a haven for building friendships, sharing experiences, and reveling in collective success. Elevate your gaming experience—become an integral part of the gaming community through guild involvement. Your adventure eagerly awaits!

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