$PET Utility

Tune in to this guide for a quick overview of what you need to know about the $PET token! Discover how to get it, how to use it, and much more!

$PET Token Utility

The only known sources available for $PET tokens are:

  • Arena (Game Mode)

  • In-game Events

  • Staking

  • Airdrops to holders

$PET Token will be used for..

  • Hero NFTs: Upgrade & Exclusive Skins

  • Pet NFTs: In-game Gacha & Upgrade

  • Arena play: Tickets & Buff Items

Please note that these are not final, as more can be developed over time as the Petopia game and our on-chain features progress.

The PET token economy is designed to blend rewards for holders and community growth.

This approach benefits the short-term and long-term value as we continue to develop the game and its assets, both off-chain and on-chain.

With diverse rewards available in-game, on-chain, and even the potential as a speculative asset, we're confident our supporters will see the benefits this token can offer.

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