Peto Race Guide

Ready to put your speedrunning skills to the test? Try to claim victory in the Peto Race. Compete against nine others and earn rewards for yourself and your guild.

Peto Race Mechanics & Objective:

There will be 10 players in 1 group, clearing 10 floors of the Peto Race map.

Ranks are determined by the time taken to complete the 10 floors.

You have 50 attempts within 6 hours to improve your time, with your 10 player match up.

The goal is to clear 10 floors within the fastest time during a specific window.

You need to pass all 10 floors in order to receive rewards.

You will receive different trophies and items based on your rank in the group.

Rewards & Trophies:

Rank 1: 10 Trophies

Rank 2: 6 Trophies

Rank 3: 4 Trophies

Rank 4-5: 2 Trophies

Rank 6-10: 1 Trophies

Game Guide

1. From the Homepage, tap on [Peto Racing Event].

2. Access the Peto Race by tapping on the [Let’s Go] button within the pop-up.

3. Review the leaderboard, then tap [Play] when you're prepared to compete for rewards.

4. Rush through a map with 10 levels, complete them as quickly as possible!

Challenge yourself to conquer the Peto Race and refine your gameplay for even better runs! Will you be the one to rank first? See you at the finish line!

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