Guild Member Kick Policy

If you have inactive guild members, worry not. Petopia now offers a Guild Member kick feature to help you in curating the right members for your guild.

Certain rules are in place to ensure fairness in Shards for all players.

Member Kick Policy

  1. Guild Members cannot be kicked unless they are earning fewer trophies than the regulated trophy amount every 3 days.

These numbers are set by Mirai Labs, and can be subject to balancing if necessary.

Guild LevelMinimum Trophies every 3 Days


25 minimum trophies requirement


30 minimum trophies requirement


40 minimum trophies requirement


45 minimum trophies requirement


55 minimum trophies requirement

  1. New Users can buy open seats with the original price set by the Guild Owner.

  2. As per the Approval System, kicked users can rejoin the guild if the Guild Owner accepts.

  3. Initially, upon the release of this feature, users with their seat listed for sale cannot be kicked. However, enhancements to this functionality may be implemented in the future.

Do note that Guild Member Kicks are allowed even if a guild is not full.

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