Transfer Petopia Hero NFT On-Chain to In-Game

Petopians, it's time to unleash the potential of your Hero NFT! Experience more than just your average gaming experience with a detailed NFT boasting bonus stats, a unique passive skill, and an exclusive weapon.

But first, let's get you started by transferring your NFT into the game!

Follow these steps to learn how. Don't worry, it'll be quick.

Note that your Petopia App and Mirai Wallet must have the same Mirai ID.

Carry out these instructions:

1. Go to (will be live soon).

2. Connect your wallet by selecting "WalletConnect."

3. Scan the QR code using the Mirai app and sign in, and approve on your device.

4. Click on the NFT Hero you’re looking to transfer in-game.

5. Review details and continue with the [Send-in game] button.

  1. [Approve] via the website and the Mirai App. Remember that your Petopia App and Mirai Wallet should have the same Mirai ID.

7. Now click on [Confirm] to finalize the transaction.

  1. In a few moments, your NFT should now be visible in the Petopia app and ready to play.

8.5. If you ever want to take your Hero back, you can by clicking on this button.

Great job following along! You've learned how to manage and transfer your NFT hero into the game. Enjoy the benefits, clash against the monsters, lead your guild, and defend the kingdom with your newly unlocked perks.

Be sure to check back into the Asset Management website for all your transferring needs.

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