Guild Boss Guide

Dive into epic battles against colossal Guild Bosses in Petopia! Unite with your guildmates to conquer formidable foes, sharing rewards, gathering trophies, and climbing the guild leaderboard. This is all happening during Guild Tournament! So, gear up for thrilling challenges, collaborate with your guild, and make your mark in the grand competition. Let the battles begin!

Guild Boss Mechanics

Ranking on the guild leaderboard is determined by the damage contributed. Unlock certain bosses with higher guild levels for a harder challenge with better rewards.

Game Guide

1. From the homepage, Tap on the [Guild] button.

2. Navigate to the [Guild Office], from there you will find the [Guild Boss].

3. Once you’re ready, tap on [Play] to fight your choice of Boss. Certain Guild Levels unlock bosses.

Example of Damage Contribution & Rewards

If Melon Boss has 1 million HP and you deal 300,000 damage (30% HP), you will receive 30% of the total trophies from the boss, which is 30.

Note that within your guild, contributing the most trophies at the end of the season will yield special in-game rewards like equipment and resources.

May your guild's journey against the mighty Guild Bosses be filled with victories and glorious moments. Remember, this is just the beginning of your epic adventure in Petopia. Good luck and may your guild's triumphs echo across the realms. Stay tuned for more exciting battles and challenges ahead.

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