Equipment & Upgrading

Success in the game hinges on tactical brilliance and the strategic use of equipment. Weapons are divided into two primary types: Ranged Weapons (like pistols, assault rifles, and shotguns) and Close Combat Weapons (including Dagger, Batons, and Needles).

Equipping weapons not only amps up damage but also opens the door to upgrades and fusing items in your arsenal. Upgrading enhances a weapon's stats, while fusing it with another of the same category boosts rarity and the upgrade limit.

Beyond weapons, various other equipment—gloves, armor, boots, accessories, storage bags, and pets—come with unique stats that enhance your hero's abilities. Much like weapons, they follow the upgrade and fusion mechanism.

There are five distinct equipment sets: Adventure, Police, Dancer, Assassin, and Robot. Bonus tip—having two items from the same set elevates your hero's stats.

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